Thursday, September 18, 2014

standard espressomaschine parts

I chose most of the standard parts from the classic  "Europiccola" of  La Pavoni. It has some good parts made of a high quality. Unfortunately these parts are not the cheapest ones, but I didnt really want to have cheap plastic parts  in the espressomaker. It should be always very easy to change parts if they are broken or worn out (seals) and replace them.

heres a quick overview in german) but if you search for it in the internet, there´s a lot of good information about the maschine:

I tried to use as less parts as possible, to keep the costs low.

here are the parts:

Piston (brass) / Kolben (Messing) Nr.: 79

Piston seals / Kolbendichtringe Nr.: 80

Shower / Dusche Nr.: 81

Basket (2 shots) / Sieb 60 mm (2 Tassen) (new version) Nr.:  98

Basket seal / Siebdichtung (new version) Nr.: 82

in this diagram you can find the numbers.

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